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Widefield Eyepieces – 15X Microscope Eyepieces (30.5mm) – 700261

SKU: 700261

Widefield Eyepieces – 15X Stereoscope Eyepieces (30.5mm)

Experience the power of clarity with our premium widefield microscope eyepiece. Designed to offer exceptional optical performance, this eyepiece features a 15X magnification power, providing you with incredible detail and resolution for embryo transfer.With a 30.5mm mounting size (in diameter), our widefield microscope eyepiece is compatible with most stereoscopes, making it the perfect addition to your existing setup. The wide field of view provided by these eyepieces ensures that you can observe larger areas of the dish, increasing the search area for faster retrieval and harvesting.Invest in the best with our high-quality widefield microscope eyepiece and experience the power of clarity today.