Purina - High Octane - Power Fuel

Purina – High Octane – Power Fuel

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High Octane – Power Fuel is an extruded high fat nugget that is very useful for helping to promote body condition and growth performance. High Octane – Power Fuel? topdress contains 31% crude fat and provides a high level of energy. Features: Very high energy; Extruded Nugget; Wheat germ meal; Flaxseed (Omega 3 and 6 Fatty acids); Gamma Oryzanol. Ascorbic Acid. High Vitamin E level. Benefits: Promotes body condition and growth performance; Supplies a large amount of energy in small daily feeding rate; Over 100 antioxidants; Helps support immune function during periods of stress. Feeding Rates: Cattle – 16 to 32 oz/day; Pigs – 8 to 32 oz/day; Lambs – 4 to 8 oz/day; Goats – 4 to 8 oz/day; Poultry – 8 oz/10 lbs feed. Packaged in a 30 lb bucket. Species: Cattle, Pigs, Lambs, Goats and Poultry

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