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Stallion Semen Motility Supplement - Magnitude - 20lb

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Stallion Semen Motility Supplement – MAGNITUDE


Stallion Semen Motility Supplement – Magnitude?- 20 lb – Proprietary blend of omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA), antioxidants and vitamins to increase reproductive performance.

Magnitude Stallion Semen Motility Supplement is a proprietary blend of omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA), antioxidants and vitamins. This combination has been shown in university studies to improve stallion reproductive performance by increasing semen production and progressive semen motility. University studies (See PDF Here)? show that stallions fed diets supplemented with Magnitude’s precise blend of long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids (including DHA), antioxidants and vitamins experienced marked improvement in reproductive potential. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the key. The membranes of spermatozoa are composed primarily of DHA, and scientific studies verify that the marine-based omega-3 fatty acids in Magnitude Stallion Semen Motility Supplement improve the supply of DHA in stallions. This increases both the number of normal spermatozoa and their concentration in semen. Simply stated, DHA concentrations are crucial to proper sperm cell function. So when it comes to enhancing reproductive potential, all omegas are not created equal.

Magnitude gives you the potential of an increased supply of semen that is also more highly concentrated and viable in storage. It adds up to impressive results especially for stallions with poor reproductive traits.

That’s where Magnitude stands above the rest. Its balanced blend of fatty acids not found in any other omega-3 product increases your stallion’s DHA to foster a more productive, prolific and profitable sire.

It is safe and easy to use….
Magnitudes source of DHA is similar to those often used in human foods and nutraceuticals. Non-toxic at even 100 times the daily recommended human intake. This gives you an added level of assurance in what you’re putting in his feed.

Nutritional Considerations….
Magnitude enhances your stallions diet with an important blend of antioxidants and vitamins, particularly vitamin E. It has a negligible impact on energy, too. Pound for pound, Magnitude has a caloric value similar to corn and is lower in carbohydrates.

Sold in 20 lb tub.

Note: Not available for sale to addresses in California or Canada.

Weight349.58 oz
Dimensions1 in