MPP Quattro Automated Filling and Sealing Machine
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MPP Quattro Automated Filling and Sealing Machine

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MPP Quattro Automated Filling and Sealing Machine, For 0.25 or 0.5 ml straws. Fills 4 straws at a time. Number of straws processed per cycle can be manually entered. Easy to change between straw sizes. Hopper Capacity: 2,200 of the 0.25 ml straws or 1,300 of the  0.5 ml straws. Touch-screen monitor with display that shows of number of filled straws, machine status, straw size, and error messages. Dual ejaculate control through built-in adjustable balance and sensor at the filling tube: allows automatic switch from 4 needle filling to 1 needle filling at the end of the ejaculate.
Ultrasound sealing unit and integrated vacuum pump with sensor for automatic adjustments. PLC microprocessor controls.
Power Supply: 110 V/60 Hz or 230 V/50-60 Hz

Product of Minitube International Germany

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13018/0013 - Filling nozzle for 1/4cc straws

13018/0018 - Filling nozzle for 1/2cc straws

13018/0022 - Suction nozzle for 1/4cc straws

13018/0027 - Sucttio nozzle for 1/4cc straws

13017/0050 - Fixing unit for filling and sealing nozzles

13021/3001 - Washers for nozzles

13021/3800 - Filling and suction tubing

13018/0100 - Disposable semen cones

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